Welcome to DALUS Technologies and the DALUS App.  This is not just an App, but a community of users who, via the App, help each other to locate properties quickly and easily and keep each other safe whilst carrying out their duties.

As a starting point, we have provided a solution with over 30 million addresses with co-ordinates.  The database includes new builds and properties that have not yet been completed.

Co-ordinates are only part of the location story though. In the dark or in bad weather it can be difficult to spot house names or numbers and of course, even these may not be visible, being hidden behind vegetation or not existing at all.


Here's where DALUS comes into its own.  You can add further information to an address record that is then available to you and anyone else who uses the App.  This includes the ability to add a picture of the property, notes that can include directions or pointing out key features of a property or access point to look out for, together with a selection of Icons to make other users aware of any issues to take into account when delivering.


Making edits is quick and easy to do so it won't slow you down.  This App will not only save you time, it can save you from accidental vehicle damage and injury.

And, we even reward you for adding information to the address records.  As a subscriber, if you edit the records we will keep track of the number of edits you make and you will be entered into our regular prize draws.  Prizes range from online store and entertainment vouchers to experience days.

Your DALUS App is linked to your specific device and on download we don't capture your personal details as we would rather you decide to opt in to the user community (you can of course leave at any time). By opting in, you will have access to our social groups and will be able to participate in both the prize draws and other competitions and events we run from time to time.

You can access and register to the social groups by clicking the icons below or simply complete the contact form and our support team will help set you up.  Rest assured, DALUS Technologies will not share your personal data with 3rd parties, we will only ever use it to contact you in relation to the App, your participation in the community and regular prize draws. 

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