About The APP

Our app has been created for drivers. Locating addresses, particularly in rural areas, or trying to find any address in the dark, can be frustrating, time consuming and costly.

Our app is interactive and enables our driving community to help each other locate difficult to find or unfamiliar properties.  As a start point, we have combined multiple sources of data to provide an accurate base data set for all addresses in the UK.  This data is then continuously enhanced by our users over time for the benefit of everyone using the app.


DALUS app key features:

  • Quickly and easily search and locate an address

  • See an image of your destination (if image has been added*) so you know what you're looking for

  • See the location of your destination in an on-screen zoomable map

  • Add address records to create and manage a route

  • The app is not reliant on having a mobile signal/internet connection whilst on the road

  • Edit the address record real time to add directions and an image captured from your mobile device*

  • Add decimal latitude and longitude co-ordinates to the record by simply tapping an on screen button *NEW - co-ordinates are colour coded to indicate user verification

  • Accuracy of each address record is rated based on user verifications

  • Automatically connect to your selected maps/satnav service to guide you to your destination from a button on the app screen

  • *NEW delivery information/health & safety warnings symbols - see 

  • Individual and Corporate user versions available

* rules apply to images and content uploaded to DALUS

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The features, functions and content of this application are the sole Intellectual Property and Copyright of  DALUS Technologies Ltd, a company registered in England & Wales number: 11028333