What Our Users Say

“I love the app.... so useful. I always use the company device too - for their routes benefit but your app always gets me more precisely there.”


“I think it's all simple to use and has got me out of a pickle more than once - i.e. saved me from losing time.”


“Just like to say that I use the app for every trip and for 99% of the time I find the app has the addresses I need.  With a bit of searching (if I had time) i could probably find 100%. Great app”


“Great app use it quite a bit, like the ability to update addresses from the app” 


“Use it very regularly. Any slight issues the App lets us resolve ourselves re coordinates or inputting description”


“Dalus has been absolutely great so far. Has really helped me since i started at *****. I've been able to find a lot more customers with the app, also really easy to use which makes life a lot easier. I like having the feature of a picture so i know what im looking for. I will keep using the app in the future 100%”

Let us know what you think.  If you use the app and have any ideas or requests for new features and functions, please complete the feedback form below and we'll include the best ideas in our future developments. 

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